Recycle Your Glass and Help Your Community!

Recycle your glass Kansas City and we'll donate a portion of our profitsRecycle your glass Kansas City!  It makes a difference!

To show the Kansas City area that we are serious about helping our environment and our community, KC Curbside Glass is pledging a minimum of 10% of our total annual revenue (not profit) to charities and worthwhile causes when you recycle your glass.

Currently, KC Curbside Glass has identified Harvesters-The Community Food Network as the first charity to support. Harvesters has so many great projects to fight hunger in the Kansas City area. As many as 66,000 people receive emergency food assistance from Harvesters in any given week.  We don’t like to see anyone go hungry in our community, especially children. So we have pledged our support, with time and money, to help Harvesters in the fight against hunger.

We are dedicated to helping our environment with our curbside recycling service. We are also dedicated to giving back to our fellow Kansas Citians. So when you recycle your glass and  Sign Up for our curbside glass recycling service you are not only helping the environment, but you will be helping feed thousands of people in our community.

Check out Harvesters website to get more information about the great things they are doing in the fight against hunger. Click on the logo above to open their website in a new window.