FAQs about KC Curbside Glass Recycling

Q: What if I only have a few bottles and jars? Should I still put my bin at the curb?

Absolutely! Recycling one bottle saves enough electricity to power a 100-watt light bulb for 4 hours. Every single empty glass bottle, jar, and container makes a difference.

Q: Do I have to remove the labels and lids from my glass bottles and jars?

You do not need to remove the labels, but we do ask that you remove the lids, corks and tops from your empty glass containers.

Q: Why is glass not allowed in my regular recycling bin?

Great question! Glass is not collected in local curbside recycling programs because it breaks. When broken glass mixes with other recyclables, it degrades and contaminates those materials, reducing their utility and causing them to be “downcycled” into lower-quality products. That’s why we are here to pick up your glass!

Q: What local charities does KC Curbside Glass plan on supporting?

Currently, KC Curbside Glass has identified Harvesters-The Community Food Network as the first charity to support. Harvesters has so many great projects to fight hunger in the Kansas City area. As we grow we will identify other great worthwhile causes to support.

Q: When is my glass curbside recycling bin pick up day?

When you sign up for our curbside glass recycling service, we will designate your pick up day based on your location. View our Calendar to see the pick up schedule.



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